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Pertanyaan Umum


Rekaman data saya hilang! Apa yang harus saya lakukan?

Make sure that you have updated to the latest version.

  • Strategy 1:
    • Are you logged into the app on more than one device? If so, logout from the devices you are not using.
    • You should only log into one device at a time, per truck, per driver.
  • Strategy 2:
    • If this isn’t the case, go to “Unassigned Trips.”
    • Reassign driving trips to the appropriate spot in their daily log by selecting the trip and either discard or accept each change.
    • Please note: if you create a driving trip manually, you won’t be able to reassign trips to that same time.
  • Strategy 3:
    • Create your logs manually, by switching to ELogs. Make sure to sign your logs!
Saya menerima pesan "Invalid Credentials" atau tidak bisa masuk
  • Did you check for typos? Please double check that you’ve correctly entered your DOT number, username, and password.
  • If you have done this and you are still unable to login, your fleet manager can update your driver info on their fleet page. If you are an owner/operator, you can log into Fleet, and in the List tab you can go to your Drivers page.
Apa itu 'unassigned trips'?

Unassigned trips merupakan perjalanan-perjalanan yang telah direkam perangkat Anda, tetapi belum ditugaskan kepada pengemudi.

Mohon baca terlebih dahulu:

Pastikan Anda menggunakan versi terbaru 1ELD. Anda dapat memeriksanya pada AppStore/PlayStore, atau Anda mungkin akan menerima notifikasi pembaruan aplikasi. Memperbarui aplikasi memungkinkan Anda mendapatkan pengalaman paling optimal dalam ELD, sebagaimana yang kami harapkan.


Bagaimana cara menarik laporan?

Go to the reports section, then go to the setup tab. There you will find all the reports that you can pull.

Dapatkah saya mengedit rekaman data (log) pengemudi saya?

No, you cannot. Driver logs will always default to what statuses their devices have collected.

Bagaimana cara menggunakan Fleet?

Go to the user manual!


Apakah saya harus membawa kendaraan saya ke kantor Cartrack untuk pemasangan?

No. Our technicians are mobile, and will meet you at a place and time convenient to you.

Apakah dengan memasang unit Cartrack akan membatalkan garansi mobil saya?

No, our units are approved by major manufacturers within the motor industry.

Akankah Cartrack memberi tahu lokasi saya kepada orang lain?

No, unless you have given authorisation to a third party.

Dapatkah saya melacak kendaraan saya di mana saja?

Yes, every Cartrack unit is equipped with international roaming capabilities, and can therefore be tracked locally and beyond United States’ borders.

Dapatkah saya memasang unit Cartrack pada traktor?

Yes, Cartrack’s devices can also be installed on heavy machinery, commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers, along with family sedans.

Haruskah saya ada di area tertentu untuk uji coba unit?

No. You are welcome to test your unit wherever you are located, provided there is GSM coverage.

Adakah biaya tambahan untuk uji coba unit Cartrack?

No, it’s completely free of charge.

Bagaimana cara mereset perangkat saya?

Unplug the device from vehicle’s diagnostic port. Then plug it back in.

Bagaimana saya tahu jika perangkat saya tidak berfungsi?
  • The green light under the globe icon won’t be turning on. You can refer to our malfunction card here.


Apakah pemasangan Cartrack diperbolehkan oleh asuransi mobil saya?

Yes. Cartrack is approved by all major insurance companies.


Seberapa sering lokasi perjalanan diperbarui?

The update of the location is based on a time event. The predefined reporting intervals are as follows:

  • Every time the ignition status changes, i.e. when it is turned on or off
  • Every 3 km of travelling in a straight line
  • Every deviation of 10 degrees or more in any direction
  • The detection of excessive idling
  • Highlighting whenever the maximum set speed limit is exceeded
  • Any change of 5 km/h or more over the speed limit
  • An alert is triggered for events such as harsh acceleration/braking or cornering
Bagaimana jika tidak ada sinyal seluler di area tersebut? Dapatkan kendaraan tetap terlacak?

When the vehicle is out of GPRS/GSM coverage, up to 5000 positions and events are stored in the device and streamed again as soon as GPRS/GSM communication is re-established.

Seberapa akurat lokasi yang terlacak?

The location accuracy is high and can be traced to within a radius of about 3 meters at any stage. The speed and distance travelled are measured by the GPS system.

Apakah ada baterai di dalam unit Cartrack? Berapa lama baterai internal bertahan?

Yes. The battery will last for a considerable period as the unit will be in a sleep mode and will only stream every 2 to 4 hours for the signal check. Whenever a vehicle is being towed and we have to activate the back-up battery, the back-up battery will last for 4 to 5 hours on active mode.

Apakah ada cara untuk benar-benar menyamakan odometer Cartrack dengan odometer kendaraan?

Yes – however, this can only be done on vehicles with CAN Bus that support odometers.

Bagaimana dapat mencocokkan perhitungan odometer jika perbedaannya besar?

Customers can provide us with the actual odometer reading on a yearly basis and we will update the device remotely.

Apa arti dari indikator perilaku pengemudi yang berbeda?
  • The red traffic indicator represents bad driving habits
  • The yellow traffic indicator represents driving habits that need attention but are acceptable
  • The green traffic indicator represents good driving habits
Bagaimana sistem Identifikasi Pengemudi (Driver ID) bekerja?

The driver reader will be placed on your dashboard and integrated into our tracking unit. We will then provide 2 ID tags for each vehicle. Each ID tag has a unique number that is assigned to the driver on our system. Before the driver drives the vehicle, he has to tag the ID to the reader and the information will then be captured in the system. If he does not tag, there will be a buzzer sound.

Bagaimana tingkat akurasi dan cara kerja laporan bahan bakar?

The fuel report has a 95% accuracy. We require information on the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle, therefore it is essential that your driver finishes the current fuel tank and fills it to capacity three times. The system will then learn the upper and lower level of the vehicle’s fuel capacity, which will allow us to provide you with a more accurate fuel report. The calibration process will take about 3 weeks.


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