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About Cartrack

Cartrack is a leading global provider of data analytic solutions for mobile asset management, asset recovery and workforce optimisation based on a proven Software-as-a-Service platform. Fleet management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and insurance telematics services remain its core business, with a focus on technology development to enhance customer experience. The company is a service-centric organisation focusing on the in-house design, development and installation of telematics technology and data analytics.

Cartrack's technology is widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers. Its customer telematics web interface provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources. As an expansion of its integrated service offering, Cartrack also provides driver risk assessment offerings in the insurance telematics field.

Out on a mission
At Cartrack we strive to understand our customers’ and partners’ needs for smart-transportation and to fulfil these requirements through advanced data management and outstanding customer service. Our vision is to provide the global technology platform of choice for users seeking intelligent data.
Values that bind us
Globally, over 2,500 Cartrack employees across 24 countries spanning 5 continents live one culture by championing 5 core values.

Service Orientation

At Cartrack, knowing that the customer comes first is a way of life. In everything we do, from how we develop our platforms to how we manage customer care, the needs and requirements of our customers rule.


Transparency and honesty. Two simple words that make a huge difference in how well we operate. They allow us to tackle tasks quickly, efficiently and proactively.


Aspire to build relationships with people that you care for and with whom you enjoy their company as it will make your life and work shine.


Grow and learn through being accountable for your actions. Understand that with responsibility comes accountability, and that naturally when challenges arise you must immediately engage them and learn from them.

Entrepreneurial Leaderships

Be innovative and motivate those around you to advance towards common goals that push boundaries of what it means to build a great company.

Community care

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

As part of its socio-economic development programme, Cartrack appointed Pro-Fit, a 100% black-owned Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) Pro as an authorised fitment centre.We also provide Pro-Fit with management support and skills training and from a financial standpoint. The main purpose of the business is the installation of stolen vehicle recovery products and fleet management systems and the maintenance there of Pro-Fit exclusively installs Cartrack products and is also authorised to sell all Cartrack products.The Pro-Fit Fitment Centre has received full training on all Cartrack’s products and specifications.

Education Fund

Education Fund

The Cartrack Education Fund provides primary, secondary and tertiary education opportunities to children from impoverished communities as well as to its employees and their children. Cartrack believes that supporting young adults and children in their education will not only have a profound impact on their lives, but on the economic prosperity of their families and communities in future.

Wheel Well

Wheel Well

Cartrack supports a non-profit organisation, Wheel Well, and its Car Seats for Kids campaign which provides safe pre-owned car seats for infants and children.  This initiative is designed to educate the public on the dangers of not using a car seat, or of using a seat that is incorrectly suited to a child's size and age. In addition to raising car seat awareness, Wheel Well distributes refurbished seats to any family in need.

Missing Children

Missing Children
Cartrack supports the Missing Children South Africa (SA) organisation as part of the company’s commitment to looking after what’s most important to you. This commitment is necessitated by the reality of the high rate of missing persons, with statistics from the South African Police Services revealing that a child goes missing every five hours in South Africa. Cartrack’s financial support has enabled Missing Children South Africa to increase its capacity to provide this vital service to South Africans.



Cartrack sponsors a Rapid Intervention Unit called ‘Kwagga’. This vehicle’s main purpose is to secure the scene of an accident and offer support to paramedic and fire personnel. This support vehicle, which is comprehensively equipped with medical and victim extraction capabilities, operates independently from official medical and rescue vehicles, providing rapid assistance in road accident rescue operations.

A brief history
Cartrack digunakan oleh lebih dari 1.000.000 kendaraan di seluruh dunia dan rekor ini masih akan terus bertambah.
Cartrack terus menjadi yang terdepan dalam telematika kendaraan, sebagai salah satu perusahaan dengan basis pelanggan terbesar secara global dan pertumbuhan tercepat.
Cartrack meluncurkan sistem optimisasi tenaga kerja, serta memasuki Amerika Serikat dan Selandia Baru, menambahkan jumlah negara operasional Cartrack menjadi 23.
Cartrack meluncurkan produk Telematika Asuransi dan memulai operasi dagangnya di Asia Tenggara melalui Bursa Efek Johannesburg.
Cartrack diluncurkan di Spanyol dan Tanzania, setelah mengembangkan sayap ke Polandia, Kenya, Namibia, dan Portugal di tahun-tahun sebelumnya.
Cartrack memasuki era baru pengalaman pelanggan dengan peluncuran SaaS yang telah dimatangkan sepenuhnya.
Cartrack mulai menawarkan produk Manajemen Armada, dengan memaksimalkan pengembangan telematikanya yang kuat untuk solusi produktivitas armada.
Cartrack bergerak lintas batas dengan masuk ke pasar telematika Mozambik dan mengawali ekspansi globalnya.
Cartrack didirikan di Afrika Selatan, dimulai dengan solusi Pemulihan Kendaraan yang Dicuri (Stolen Vehicle Recovery).


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